Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Well, we've made it through one year and into another. Among other things I personally have been pleased with the things that the last year has brought me, most of which have been bandages for the addition of wounds that won't heal because of things that have gone on, aminly in the news, that have affected me emotionally, most of which are stories that are pretty hard for anyone to shake off, at least right away. All wounds heal in time, even the ones that feel like they may never heal.

This year sounds like nothing but my own shoe size, but with no issues of anything for me to have to put my foot down on to the point of it being as "unlucky" as that number itself. I never think of the unlucky number thanks to the "lucky number" being more on my side. I sometimes call them "lucky sevens" because along with my own last name, I have a lot of seven letter words that have to do with me personally to include my birth city, birth month, the first names of my mother, daughter, and both sisters to name a few. That's a long story and perhaps I will blog about another interesting topic of that kind sometime in the future.

For this new year I don't really have a resolution in mind, but with my new website, which is linked to this blog (MY WEBSITE) I have in mind to better branch out as the businessman that I've always felt like I always have been and can only keep getting better. Counting my blessings as a part of life tells me that the road in this new year is destined to be a smooth one. In October, I will celebrate not a milestone but have as many years under my belt as there are as many weeks in every year. This will be the first birthday I will celebrate on a Sunday in eleven years and I've always thought of myself living un the "fine wine concept as I am only going to get better as I get older.

Every day of every year I just have the same personal philosophy in just taking things one day at a time. 365 days seems to go by so fast, like it did last year, it's one of the many ways that dictates that things are either going well and have good chance to get better, or even that things are going well and have indeed gotten better. Life has many bridges to cross in good time and it's best not to worry about crossing them until they've been reached and the ones that for whatever reason are not reached, sometimes it's all for the better. I'm going to call on the best people I know and then some and say best wishes for happines and prosperity and may 2013 be one of your finest years as I have strong hope that it will be for myself and those who mean the most.

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