Thursday, January 31, 2013


Steve Nash, one of the most popular pro athletes here in the oh so diverse sports markets here in Phoenix Arizona was quite the player during his eight year stint here with the Phoenix Suns. It was at the end of the 2012 season that Steve would decide to move on to sail on new and better waters in the NBA and he would be sent in a sign and trade deal to travel the better waters in the form of lakes. Yes, the Los Angeles Lakers would sign Steve Nash, taking away one of the most popular, well known and loved pro athletes here in the Phoenix pro sports market. Yes, not well taken as expeced, with jerseys being burned in the streets, harsh social media posts, and many other things of that kind to go with them. Some people just need to learn that pro sports are a business and like any business, they have to do what's best for themselves, be it league, team, or player. Well, Steve Nash, on January 30, 2013, seven days before his 39th birthday, returned with the Los Angeles Lakers to Phoenix. The welcome the most popular player in Steve Nash would receive was a warm one, with nothing harsh like booing, etc. but the game was somewhat of a different story as the Phoenix Suns would defeat the Los Angeles Lakers 92-86 and Steve would have a relatively mediocre game with 11 points scored, four rebounds, and two assists. Steve Nash is in his own right a high caliber player and as his career is likely winding down there very well should be a lot of hope out there that whatever is left of it turns out to be nothing but the best. As for me, the cameras only got to follow him in action once in November, 2010, but the hope for another opportunity in the distant future remains. Good luck Steve! Please continue to play well. Those Canadian and South African roots are as one of a kind as you will always be.

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