Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Miles to go....


This college football season gave me the opportunity to go to Arizona State University and give me
the chance to watch the final run for a player in Jamal Miles that I enjoyed just as much as any other.
Jamal, who attended Peoria High School, a little before I had the chance to cover them as much as I did the first few years after his graduation, gave me the experience while covering ASU football during the 2011-2012 season that was one of the best ways I could have asked for to see a collegiate player of his caliber finish his collegiate career in style with more than 1500 punt return yards.
As is the case with me, Jamal cherishes the memory of his teammate, K.J. Bowen. I will go forward hoping for the best for Jamal as I would have for K.J. in the form of hoping what will be as opposed to dreams of what could have been.
Jamal, as I watch you run off into the sunset, there will be a lot of fond memories of my watching you on the ASU football field and the digital images I've recorded of you will go right along with them. That one last time I stepped onto the field during post game activities and shook your hand was my way of wishing you the best of luck for the years to come, no matter how it pans out for you.

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