Monday, July 18, 2011

FIT going on FIFTY.

OK, how many of you out there have known me since childhood? Remember me, razorblade thin, not the one to stick up for himself, as a result often bullied? I'm still here, but changed by leaps and bounds since then.

Social media has been my thing for the last couple of years. Facebook? I was so reluctant to join at first, but now often wonder how I could have ever gotten along without it. I've located so many people from the distant past, often those I've have had no contact of any kind for more than 40 years.

A lot of things in life have paid dividends, to include a part time military career that went the distance, lasting twenty years, not quite as successful as I'd hoped but a start relatively late in life was better for the body and mind.

Until that summer of 1991, when I stepped off the bus there at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, I was not that serious about good diet and fitness, never really thinking I had what it takes to really get anything out of it.

The military fitness changed me in more than one way, both body and mind. I found strength in me that I never even knew existed. The decision to stop drinking beer and soft drinks were one of the many things that helped out alot.

Hey, look at me now, did anyone ever think I could possibly become a 200 pound hunk of muscle? No, I certainly did not, but I know one thing, it's not something I will let go of anytime soon, or ever again for that matter. The goal is to keep fit to live long and prosper.

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