Monday, February 15, 2010

Opening Statement

With all the time I spend in cyberspace I don't feel like I need much in the way of an intro, but my game plan is to set myself apart from others who might carry the same name in life, especially under similar circumstances.

In case you want to know what brings that to mind, I have a namesake, if you want to call him that, in Barbados, the island country in the West Indies, where my paternal grandfather was born and raised, before he eventually migrated to the United States during his adolecence.

That "David Alleyne" is an artist, in the form of a picture painter, where as I am a picture taker, yes, a photographer. I find that a lot of people get me confused with him and often wonder what it would be like if I had a more common name (i.e. "Smith) and had to live and work under the same circumstances.

It's all good, because in Barbados my last name is probably as common as a name like--let's say "Johnson" is in the United States. It's as unique and different as I am and I will always be proud to have it.

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